Using Estimator

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Estimator Prime is a useful tool allowing saw and seal companies to create profitable bids in lesser time. It’s easy-to-use, accurate and results in error-free calculations.

How to Use Estimator?
Creating bids using Estimator Prime is very simple. The bid creation is a 2 step process, which is as follows:

Step 1: Creating Bid Profile
To create a 'Bid Profile', you should pick each component applicable to your bid and choose respective 'Units' from the dropdown. Kindly use 'Overhead Multiplier' if it required for the project.
Example - A supervisor rate for one day is $50 and the minimum amount for hiring a supervisor is $10 which is a Fixed Overhead.
You are done creating your 'Bid Profile'. Save it and proceed to next step of Creating Bid.

Step 2: Creating a Bid
On this screen, you will see all the components applicable to your bid. Fill in information for each component like human resources and material. Use the 'Override' feature if you have a fixed cost for any component.
Once you have filled information in all the fields. Click on 'Save'.

Your Bid is ready!
Now what you see on your screen is the final bid which has been generated. You may choose to save bid, email or print a PDF of the bid.